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Sandygreen on A Thing of Beauty

Okay so it takes me forever to read and in most cases it is not because I am not I interested it is just life gets the better of me... I loved this story ... the pace, the characters, the naughty bits. Sometimes I need a little bit more of the naughty sometimes I don't. This story hit right in the middle. I loved the sweetness of our heroine and her quest for a better ...

kmeren on Dark Control

I'm always a fan of annabel Joseph and dark control was no different. Loved every minute of this thrilling, steamy ride & can't wait to meet more of her tortured heros.

TheBookMadame on Dark Control

Anytime I read a new Annabel Joseph book, I always wonder, and get excited, about the characters we're going to meet and fall in love with. Fort and Juliet's story does not disappoint. Fort has moments when he is almost too intense for me but oh my goodness are the scenes incredibly hot! Juliet is more knowledgeable about BDSM than most of the heroines in other Annabel books, but still has the air of innocence ... on Dark Control

Dark Control was shocking in the best of ways! I love when a book draws you in and allows you to feel and experience exactly what the characters feel and experience. Dark Control does that, and more. Annabelle Joseph's writing style is amazing! I'm excited for the next book. This is already a great series.