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paigeturner1000 on Dark Control

Once again Annabel Joseph tests our limits. The book isn't for the faint of heart. We are brought into a BDSM world that doesn't have safe words. It's based on non-consent consent and I was a bit terrified while reading. Fort needs something darker. He looks his submissive or partners to give up all control, play with no safe words and no escape from his torment. Juliet stumbles into his world and is willing to ... on Dark Control

I forgot how utterly amazing Annabel's books are! She has upped the game in this story, and has taken all that is so appealing about her writing, and evolved her imagination into the stratosphere. Seriously, if you like mature adults, confused adults, creative adults, determined adults, or serious adults, there is something here for you. Dark Control is the story of Fort and Juliet, and their developing relationship in the BDSM world. Juliet thinks she ...

Aly_Megeara on Dark Control

I love reading Annabel Joseph for all the crazy emotions she make me feel... and for the really crazy sex. This book is about Juliet, business manager to temperamental artist, and Fort, business man and hire to a million dollar business. They're first meeting isn't that auspicious: Fort rescues a really drunk Juliet and takes her to his home since she didn't have her phone and wallet and couldn't say where she lived; he found ...

Hulubulu on Dark Control

This is another well written book by Annabel Joseph! The story of Juliet and Fort is a mix of male and female POV, which I love. It is nice to follow in both of their mixed feelings as the books progresses. It is easy to like them and it is easy to anticipate the other books in the series (standalone) because the extra caracters are exciting (scary in a good way:-)) and fair (protective) on ...