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AngelMystique on Leslie's Curl & Dye

KC & Leslie's story was heartfelt, hilarious, and inspiring!

IllustriousIllusions on Dark Control

I can't go wrong when I pick up a book from Annabel Joseph! She knows and understands the BDSM she writes. Dark Control is not your typical romance, but Ms. Joseph manages to incorporate some pretty sadistic scenes and make them romantic!

DonnaLouiseCarr1956 on Dark Control

5.0 out of 5 starsA Must Read ByDonna Lon October 20, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition No one writes books about BDSM like Annabel Joseph and Dark Control ticked all the right boxes.Its dark,riveting with elements of non-consensual sex,dominance and humiliation. Nothing about this book reads easy.The circumstances are as disturbing as they are erotic,it explores the psychological and emotional sexual ramifications of a sadistic/masochistic relationship.Fort Sinclair rescues Juliet from a dark alleyway one night near ...

Sandygreen on A Thing of Beauty

Okay so it takes me forever to read and in most cases it is not because I am not I interested it is just life gets the better of me... I loved this story ... the pace, the characters, the naughty bits. Sometimes I need a little bit more of the naughty sometimes I don't. This story hit right in the middle. I loved the sweetness of our heroine and her quest for a better ...