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Our Reviews Are In... on Deep Control

When a book begins with a pilot in Italy trying to decide whether to go for a drink or BDSM , I know I've got the right book! Devon and Ella fell with for each other at first words, yet neither figured that out until much, much, much, later Devon is a sadistic playboy pilot, with a new submissive to play with each time he goes to the Gallery. The Gallery is an exclusive BDSM ...

sgt103114 on Ink Deep

I don't know whose pain I felt more, Briony or Corbins. I am glad they both got to experience love even if only for a moment.

sgt103114 on Korean Road

Very vividly depicts the nightmare that many in our military have to face daily. Loved the book. Look forward to reading more from the author.

Aly_Megeara on Training Lady Townsend

It was a very fun story, as all stories from Annabel Joseph. I liked how Hunter helped Aurelia enjoy life and have fun, though he was an asshole about things from time to time... Aurelia ended up being a great heroine, confident in herself and in what she wanted. They had their small misunderstandings, but in the end they TALKED and resolved everything. I think the time period wasn't chosen that well. This straight laced ...