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missalicia2013 on Dangerous Control

This story melted my heart from the start as Milo who has been the George Clooney of his group of friends, sure he was going to be the consummate bachelor ready to live out his days in debauchery and artistry. Instead the Christmas party at his parents' house set a ball rolling that even God himself couldn't stop. I truly love reading this style of book it's truthful, raw, edgy and at the same time ...

ksanchez on Dangerous Control

Another fun read from Annabel Joseph. I really love it when she releases a new book, especially when it's this kinky. Friends for years, thinking they knew everything about each other, Alice was in for a big surprise when she stumbled on Milo's in home dungeon. Even more so when she had a sit down with Juliet and Ella. A whole new world was presented to her and with that, a completely different side of ... on Dangerous Control

Holy hurts - you need to be prepared because Milo likes to make it hurt, bad. No amateurs need apply, only those with deep masochist needs should approach this uber-sadist. Or, someone he has known from childhood who is innocent to kink Milo is six years older than Alice, and he has loved her from afar. He is sure he can't act on his feelings because how could he ever hurt her, her loves her! ... on Deep Control

When a book begins with a pilot in Italy trying to decide whether to go for a drink or BDSM , I know I've got the right book! Devon and Ella fell with for each other at first words, yet neither figured that out until much, much, much, later Devon is a sadistic playboy pilot, with a new submissive to play with each time he goes to the Gallery. The Gallery is an exclusive BDSM ...