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im a bookblogger, reviewer, and supporter of authors.

I run a blog called Vampy and Racey Bookblog, im also on facebook with nearly 5000 likes and appear on twiitter too.

I have recently been moved into Top reviewer ranks on amazon :)

im a stay at home mum and wife. i enjoy making and selling jewellery, going cinema , eating out and of course getting lost in a book!


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Wicked Satyr Nights

Sassy paranormal romance

Loved this book, it had a bit of everything, mythology, attraction, humour, hot sex, and action. Kat is a sceptic when sent to investigate a paranormal creature.....that is until she meets him! Pan is a satyr, living a curse, he has horns and hooves, the rest of him is pure ...

full review

Satyr from the Shadows

totally engrossing This series gets better and better. This book is totally engrossing, heartbreaking, humorous, sexy, interesting and full of love and emotion. This is Daphne the Nymph and Melancton's book and it's good! The story is mainly in present day but has the odd flash back to help the story ...

full review

The Unraveling

Mayhap,I fell down a rabbit hole and couldn't escape until last page was turned!

Tea, you want tea? You will when reading this book, and you'll want to sit a Hatters table too! Melody is struggling to help her delusional sister through a breakdown, she claims she went to wonderland and met a man called Gareth and fell in love.... She's concerned they will ...

full review

Through the Maelstrom

Hunky Pirate - yes please

When you wish upon a star, you never know it might come true and you get your own hunk of a sexy pirate! Great read, Christophe is an interesting man, his funny as his a fish out of water in 2015, but his smooth too. "I was confused, unsure of ...

full review

Blood Bond: A Vampire Menage Romance

Intriuging read

I enjoyed this book, I can't say I loved it but I wanted to see the ending. Roxanna is down on her luck, getting by though. Darren is a vampire that has sensed his match in the future, luckily his alter ego also know as Andrew (who is also his ...

full review

The Satyr Prince

This is another great read from the author and this PNR series.

I have read all the books in this series and have to admit I love these Satyr men, they're horny in more ways than one and have a sense of humour. This is the Princes book Evander, he has a new mission to prepare for when a Bremusa shows up ...

full review

Pride Before the Fall

If you enjoy stories based around mythology you will enjoy these.

I have read the Cursed Satyroi series and loved them. This is a side story based around Hermes. This is part 2 of a 3 part series and its been a while since I dived into this series, so it took me a few pages to fall into the world ...

full review