Master Price has a heart


Maybe you think I’m too cruel. Maybe you think I’m a bastard. Yeah, I’m both of those things, but she was here, and she accepted the sadistic side of me like the hard-core masochist she was.

Trust me, starts right where taunt me left off. Chere is in Price dungeon right where she wanted to be, lets remember how she begged Price to make her his slave.
Chere also has started her new jewelry business thanks to Price investment in it.
Price is still the sadist dominant that we all know from the previous books. In this book we have a glimpse of how Chere and Price life is, which is totally crazy sexy and a bit overwhelming.

I have read all three books of Annabel Joseph , and I have enjoyed all of them: again I will repeat this the way I have in every review that I have written on her books .
I love her writing when it comes to BDSM, her books are very entertaining and will make you feel like you are experiencing everything yourself . that being said the book is a bit tough so if you are not into the sadist masochist type of thing do not read it its not for you , now if you are not faint of heart , I totally recommend the book its…very entertaining ,sexy, romantic even has you on the tip of your toes .

“ do it again and ill beat your ass until you cant walk. He reached between the bars and grabbed my hair , giving it a firm yank.’

I Could be harder on you, you know,’ ‘I could tear you up, but I wont because I love you’

Price Erickson , he is a major sadist dominant there are things I don’t like about him ,but here he opens a bit more to Chere ,he is more loving in his own sadist way.
When it come to anything to do with Chere he is crazy possessive , which I liked but I didn’t like the fact that he would take things out on Chere to much, punish her for things that really weren’t that big of a deal.

‘Youre mine I said grabbing her neck again submit.’

“Your mine I whispered I want you . I always want you”

Chere , I love chere she is one tough girl she receives everything that her master gives. But when she wants something she also fights for it not caring what the punishment or consequence will be .

“I slapped him. Hard. When he didn’t react, I launched myself at him, scratching and flailing. We struggled until he caught my hands in his.”

we also have some old characters in the book some we love like Chere best friend Andrew. And some we don’t love at all like Simon the ass and Cantor the creepy pervy teacher. So overall as always I pretty much loved it .