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Training Lady Townsend

never knew people back then could be so kinky

Training lady Townsend (properly spanked #1) As always I love Annabel Joseph and her wild sexy crazy imagination! This is not really the type of book that I am accustomed to read am not really into historical romance; but really I quite liked it I thought it was very sexy ...

full review

The Jacq of Spades

Jacq of spades

THE JACQ OF SPADES It was a pretty interesting book. I had a bit of trouble getting through the first 30% of the story, like I said it was a very interesting book but iwas just not into it. The main character Jacqueline was a very a strong character. Where ...

full review

Trust Me

Master Price has a heart

TRUST ME Maybe you think I’m too cruel. Maybe you think I’m a bastard. Yeah, I’m both of those things, but she was here, and she accepted the sadistic side of me like the hard-core masochist she was. Trust me, starts right where taunt me left off. Chere is in ...

full review

Master's Flame

4 very hot stars

Michael he really had my emotions all jumbled up . He is a major sadist dominant . He is really commanding and quite hot really ... But I really didn't like his character much . I thought he was to into himself , I am into ass*** Heroes but he ...

full review

Taunt Me (Rough Love Part Two)

Sadist could be loving too

Taunt me (rough love part two) This book starts two years later from where the first book finishes . Chere has found herself so to say , she has left the escort business and left behind all of her old life , she has started college and studying design . ...

full review

Torment Me (Rough Love Part One)

sadist need love too

TORMENT ME (ROUGH LOVE PART ONE) FIRST OFF THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!! Chere is a high class paid escort. She goes on dates with many men and pretty much likes her job.. that is until one day her agent (aka) pimp, tells her she has ...

full review