Trust Me

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review by Jenniferkyle52

Could be timing but I struggled to get into this book. Not going to leave review as perhaps it's all on me. DNF at 38 percent. Thank you for the copy.

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Price is a sadist and isn't shy about teaching Chere his lessons.

review by paigeturner1000

Trust Me is the final book of Price and Chere's journey . This couple has gone through a lot since we first met them in their hotel room. They been plaqued with jealously, anger, and insecurity all while trying to find the perfect balance of Trust in their relationship. The ...

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It is fantastic and heartbreaking and delicious

review by missalicia2013

Price and Chere go through every imaginable emotion you can think of in this book. It is fantastic and heartbreaking and delicious. I wasn't sure I liked Price when I first started these books but by the end I was rooting for him. I still don't completely understand this kink ...

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Master Price has a heart

review by Joannchimi

TRUST ME Maybe you think I’m too cruel. Maybe you think I’m a bastard. Yeah, I’m both of those things, but she was here, and she accepted the sadistic side of me like the hard-core masochist she was. Trust me, starts right where taunt me left off. Chere is in ...

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Great Read

review by Blade

I looked forward to the final instalment of the Rough Love series with bated breath. The last 2 had left me anticipating Price and Chere's HEA and how it would unravel in 'Trust Me'. I had mixed emotions about this last book. I didn't know whether to slap Chere and ...

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An awesome third installment!

review by mellancholie

There were times I had very strong emotions reading this book, and Ms Joseph did a great job keeping the reader interested. I had to finish it, in fact I spent the good part of a day reading it. This book will bring about some emotion in the reader, but ...

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Great conclusion to an awesome series

review by kmeren

I loved this series from start to finish. It's deliciously dark, sexy, erotic and will take you on an the biggest emotional roller coaster of your life! It'll make you think what the? One minute, and have you swooning (if your into that kind of thing) the next minute. Loved ...

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Trust Me

review by DonnaLouiseCarr1956

This review is from: Trust Me (Rough Love Book 3) (Kindle Edition) This has to be one of the best trilogies that I have read.The author descriptive writing style draws you in and keeps you captivated. At times it was difficult to understand why Chere is aroused by being humiliated ...

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