sadist need love too



Chere is a high class paid escort. She goes on dates with many men and pretty much likes her job.. that is until one day her agent (aka) pimp, tells her she has a date and she has to meet him in the hotel of his choosing and blindfolded she is a bit a skeptical about this new client of hers but well , a girl has got to do what she s got to do . she has to go to the W and meet her new client she doesn’t know anything what so ever about him the way he looks.his name , nothing . when she finally interacts with him in the hotel he gets her off guard he is totally not what she was expecting.
He is tough ,demanding,forceful and a real douche!!! . But she loves and hates the way he treats her .

W the famous W is sex on a stick ,he is all yummy and then some . He is a major jerk and he knows it but he has money , a hot awesome body ,and he knows exactly what he likes and he does whatever the F*** he wants , with who ever he wants and he is fixed on his high class paid escort . he loves to drive her crazy with mad crazy loving hurting awesome yummy excruciating torturous sex .

I was scared !! like wholly crap this guy is going to kill this girl WTF !! is she crazy why does she keep going back to this hot psycho person (OH YAH FOR THE CRAZY HOT YUMMY ORGASMS DUH) . I thought the chick was out of her mind. CHERE , I felt that she really liked what W was doing to her because I mean it was crazy scary but it was also hot as hell .

“ I think youre most beautiful and alluring when you are all trussed up like a hostage . OPEN YOUR LEGS)

“stay where I put you . Be a good girl. I like good girls.”

Scary huh!! But yummy hot scary.

W , well what women doesn’t love a hot yummy alpha right!! I did like him like a lot he had me all hot and bothered and at the same time screaming like a mad women you Ass**** . but again we all love our men to be a bit of a jerk sometime !! as long as he loves and is crazy possessive over us . That’s exactly how W was crazy possessive with a lot of a manic sadist in him. I felt like I was developing a double personality with his character I was all into him and as fast as you can say ASS**** I was hating his guts .

“ are you still breathing ? he asked I paid for two hours ,and am using two hours , whether you passed out or not “

“ don’t be a angry hooker. I adore you”
double personality I tell you. Well I pretty much enjoyed this book it mind F**** me in many ways . I totally recommend it .