Korean Road

Author: Brian Scutt

Publisher: Independently Published

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While facing the ghosts and horrors of the past, Dick comes to the realization that the frozen hell he survived generations before is a battleground he can never leave. Tortured by the ghost of a fallen Marine, he is faced with the truth, that it may be too late for not only himself but those he loves. Hell is cold, and Death stands at the end of his road, the Korean Road.


“Cold? Yeah, Hell is cold Dickie. So cold…” Dick’s body returned to his study as it began to feel week, used, old. Ron slowly raised his head. His face had changed. Lost color. Dick watched as in front of his eyes frost formed and solidified on his Ronald’s skin; his lips turning a blue lifeless hue. And his eyes; they held hatred, a deep, personal malice. “You left me here to die, Dickie. Left us all. Let us freeze in Hell while you made it all the way home. And here you are. It’s time, you son of a bitch. Maybe you got that little American dream you wanted, but you never left Korea.” He shook his head and his lips cracked as he grinned.” No one ever leaves. You’re frozen here, with the rest of us bastards.” Dick’s heart raced; his chest rocked with a heavy, thick pain. His vision blurred. He could feel the frigid chill begin to creep in, and the blackness surrounded him.

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  • Fiction
  • Action & Adventure (Fiction)
  • Horror (Fiction)
  • Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction)
  • Crime & Legal (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction))



  • Ghosts (Fiction)
  • Murderers (Crime & Legal (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction)))
  • Male Lead (Action & Adventure (Fiction))


  • Rural (Fiction)

Advance Praise

"Korean Road nailed the hell so many of us live with. It left me craving more-more of this tragic story, and more from this capable, engaging storyteller. I'm looking forward to seeing what this new author brings us next"
- Heath Stallcup, Creator of The Monster Squad Series

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