Tainted Kiss

Author: Sharon Kay

ISBN: 978-1514351864

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Tactical, lethal, resolute.
Haunted by a centuries-old tragedy, there’s no room in Arawn’s life for softness. Every action he takes is for the betterment of his race and the good of the realm. He leads his elite band of warriors the same way he lives his life: full on, without compromise, determined. Except for one sexy female who happens to be his subordinate.

Tenacious, passionate, tough-as-steel.
Ria relishes the duties Arawn assigns her as much as she respects the deadly combatants on her team. And she has a secret: her formidable boss is also her deepest fantasy. Years of working under his authority haven’t dulled the spark she feels, yet her passion is tempered by the hints of loss she gathers about him. His dark and sexy moodiness draws her, but he’s a hard man to approach as he keeps the world at emotional arm’s length.

Secrets laced in blood burn his battle-hardened soul.
When Ria is gravely injured in the line of duty, Arawn can no longer fight his own long-simmering feelings. But a secret, more heinous and ugly than anyone could imagine, prevents him from surrendering his heart. Despite his intentions, he and Ria forge a connection both fiery and unexpectedly tender. Yet every day brings them closer to shocking facts. Evil stirs in his blood, and hiding the truth from her will be the ultimate betrayal.


Ria knew he was concerned. They all were. But all this concern was starting to smother her. “I feel good. I’ve had a month of rest. I’ve never been better. Or stronger. In fact,” she drew a deep breath and then released it, “I feel like running. Try to keep up.” She took off like a shot, running across the edge of the open area and into the thick tree cover that formed the border of the HQ grounds.
You’re pushing him. But she couldn’t stand still in front of him, couldn’t go through another series of cautious twists and turns, this time with emotions instead of barricades. After this morning’s punishing run, she wouldn’t go far. And anyway, he would come after her.
She knew it. The mischievous demoness inside her reveled in glee, couldn’t wait to be brought to the ground by the biggest, strongest, most dangerous male she’d ever known.
The ground thudded behind her as Arawn’s huge body pounded closer. He wasn’t trying to be quiet—this wasn’t about stealth. It wasn’t even a race. This was pursuit in its purest form.
His breath skated hot against her hair and his voice growled at her back. “Never run from me.”
She ignored him, though she knew the effect her sprint would have. If he had an ounce of desire for her, he wouldn’t be able to resist a chase. Pouring more energy into her legs, she tried to edge ahead—
Big hands circled her waist, lifted her and flipped her around so she was over his shoulder. Ass in the air, breath knocked out of her lungs from the impact with his body. “Ooph!” Her head bounced against his back and she clutched him tightly to prevent it from happening again.
“Okay!” she yelled. “You win! Put me down.”
“Not yet.”
“What?” She shrieked and wiggled, trying to get free. She could’ve been Houdini and it wouldn’t have worked.
“Not yet,” he repeated, and slapped her backside hard.
“Ow!” It didn’t hurt, but she’d bet she looked damn undignified. She thumped his back with her fists.
Five minutes later he slowed near the sound of bubbling water that echoed off the trees. They were at a stream that formed the edge of Watcher land, and were in a thick cluster of old oaks and elms. High above, the tree canopy parted to let sunlight filter down to the water.
He shifted her to his front, slowly sliding her down his body. Marking her with his scent. “Never run from me.” His voice carried a rough, wicked promise and he held her close. “I will go after you. Every time. I’ve tasted your mouth. And running after you makes me want to do so much more once I catch you.”
Her breathing was shaky, not from running but from being in his arms. From being caught, held, marked, and warned. It was too much and not enough. “I wanted to get caught,” she whispered.
“I know.” His mouth crashed to hers, stealing her gasp and setting a match to her barely contained need.
She moaned into his mouth, clutching his shoulders as he swept his tongue deeper, tantalizing her with velvet lashes. Her breasts brushed against his chest. His erection teased her through the thin fabric of her workout pants. Thick and long—and so close. Her core ached for contact. She reached down to stroke him.
A powerful hand yanked hers away. “Not yet.” Snarled words at her ear, then her arm was held behind her waist. He bent her backward, kissing her collarbones and down along the neckline of her tank top.
She lost herself to his dominance, hanging on with one hand still at his brawny bicep. He thrust one muscular thigh between hers and she couldn’t suppress a cry of pleasure. She felt owned and claimed, even though this was just a kiss. Or was it? Logical thoughts weren’t happening in her brain right now as she happily drowned in the bliss that only Arawn could provide. She rocked her hips, desperate for more and drunk on the male whose lips grazed the swells of her breasts. “Oh gods, Arawn,” she moaned.
He brought her body forward, straightening her, and she kept her grip on him. She was a wobbly mess of need and damn it, she never wanted to let go of him.
“The things I want to do to you,” he murmured. His hands skated up her arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake. He traced the straps of her top, skimming down the neckline, and fisted the cotton at her cleavage. “Right this goddamn second.”
“Yes,” she breathed, shaking with pent up need and unable to form more than one syllable words. “Do it.”

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Publisher Notes

This is book one in a new series called The Watcher's Kiss series. It is a spin-off from my completed Solsti series. In that group of books, I created so many minor characters that demanded to have their stories told that I knew I wasn't done with the Lash demons or the supernatural realm of Torth. In this first book, you'll see how the tough and grumpy Watcher leader, Arawn, comes to terms with how he feels about a soldier in his ranks and also deals with a hated part of his past. Ria, who you met in the Solsti books, is compassionate but definitely NOT a doormat. Thank you for your interest and happy reading!

(please post reviews to Amazon and Goodreads - and if you want to post to more sites, go right ahead!)

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