The Unraveling

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Brilliant Expansion | Review of ‘The Unraveling’ (Wonderland #2)

review by CynAyala23

One year ago Cadence fell into Wonderland. But she wasn’t able to stay, her heart torn between her love and the love of her family. Now her sister, Melody, has fallen into the hole, and Candence uses the opportunity to chase after her, hoping to find Gareth along the way. ...

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Loved this book!

review by pkelly01

What an interesting take on a book about Wonderland and most of the inhabitants there. The book focused on Melody and Hatter, (yes, the same hatter you may know as the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland.) I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the authors unique take on the characters ...

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Wonderment in Wonderland

review by KARENMACE

Anything Alice In Wonderland related is of immediate interest to me, so as soon as I read the blurb and saw the stunning cover of this I knew it would be my kind of book. And I wasn't disappointed! This isn't a tale of Alice returning, but of Cadence who ...

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Mayhap,I fell down a rabbit hole and couldn't escape until last page was turned!

review by Traceyb

Tea, you want tea? You will when reading this book, and you'll want to sit a Hatters table too! Melody is struggling to help her delusional sister through a breakdown, she claims she went to wonderland and met a man called Gareth and fell in love.... She's concerned they will ...

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