Wonderment in Wonderland

Anything Alice In Wonderland related is of immediate interest to me, so as soon as I read the blurb and saw the stunning cover of this I knew it would be my kind of book. And I wasn't disappointed!

This isn't a tale of Alice returning, but of Cadence who after spending time in Wonderland is back in 'reality' where nobody believes her and her friends and family all worry for her sanity and her life just becomes a desperate search for her finding a way to return. Her desperation to return is made even greater by her love for Gareth, the dragon slaying knight, who she fell in love with while away.

Even her sister Melody doesn't believe her tales and describes her sister as a lunatic, but when a mission by the White Rabbit to take Cadence back fails by bringing back the wrong sister, and their cat Sunny!, then Melody has no option to believe that Wonderland exists too! She is soon swept up in the craziness and begins to see the wonderful Wonderland that her sister was so desperate to return to!

Nice to read about favourite characters such as the Hatter and Marchy, from a different viewpoint and always good that life in Wonderland continues to be as mad as always. New characters add to the fun and there are many funny, sweet moments in this new story as the girls search to find their happiness

This was a quick, easy and fun story to read and would happily recommend it to fans of Wonderland - old and new!