Mind of the Phoenix

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I want more!

review by avidreaderlexie1985

I would LOVE to read the rest of the series! Excellent read!

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Mindful investigations!

review by Tapsalteerie

Moira is an empath, guilty of murder but given a second chance so long as she helps the police solve a string of bizarre and confounding murders. This story follows Moira as she discovers that some people may be worth trusting while others are not. This novel sucked me right ...

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review by anacskie

The moment I read the first few paragraphs of this book I was literally suck in. Moira is definitely a unique character an empath, psychic and also a concubine. I have more detailed review in my blog. Please follow me at http://www.pinkbearfad.blogspot.com.

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Wonderful read

review by Lthrasher

This book was fantastic! The characters, sorry, and setting were all well written. I enjoyed getting to know Moira as a person and see both her and the detective become more open. The identity of the second villain was quite obvious to me right off the bat, and I find ...

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Loved it

review by heathalove24

I love historical fiction in general but combined with a different twist of fantasy. The strong main character Moira is a character everyone should love. The world is different from what I have read before but had elements that were more relistic which I liked a lot. Will be wanting ...

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An Intoxicating Supernatural Murder Mystery

review by CynAyala23

Published on September 28, 2015 by Penner Publishing, Jamie McLachlan brings to life an exciting romance novel in Mind of the Phoenix, a novel of mystery in supernatural threads. The story, set in an alternate world in the 1800’s makes it not only historical fiction but also and an alternate ...

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A fantastic fantasy adventure

review by Dhelmken88

Mind of the Phoenix was a very intriguing read. There are so many things about this story that I loved. The main character, Moira, is snarky with quick wit. Right from the start she is all about self-preservation, even after resigning herself to her fate, and I found that trait ...

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Mind Power

review by sgt103114

Very good book. I am glad that she was granted another opportunity not only in justice but in love.

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great idea, but fell short of expectations

review by marena.youngs

How to you fight a murderer who gets his victims to cause their own deaths? I was drawn in by the idea of this story... Planting a trigger in a person's mind without them knowing and having it released by a few simple lines of text. What a great start. ...

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