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I enjoy staring at marked slices of trees and hallucinating vividly for hours on end. I will forgo sleep for one more chapter. I become emotionally attached to fictional characters and routinely have to mourn the loss over a glass of wine with friends who can sympathize. I have been known to laugh out loud at a book in a public place. My biggest wish for my son is that he will grow to love reading the way I do.


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Trust: The Alex Conner Chronicles Book 1

It could have been great...

A very good and enjoyable story. I could clearly feel the author's love and connection to nature expressed in the pages. The characters were all written and developed well. I wanted to like this book so much more. I really did. Unfortunately, the long journal entries at the start of ...

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Daughter of Destiny: Guinevere's Tale Book 1

Wonderfully written

Wonderfully written. I was so happy to see Guinevere's story brought out of the shadows and into the light. The book started strong and held steady till the end. I didn't want to put it down and finished it in the same day. I'm alway happy when I find a ...

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The Jacq of Spades

Dark and captivating mystery

The perfect book if you love a good mystery, but hate predictability. This one kept me guessing. Jacqueline is a very strong lead character. Raised in the wrong part of town and brought up in the world by a cruel man, she walks in both worlds. Tony's true nature surprised ...

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A good start, but unsatisfying ending.

This was my first book by John O'Riley. Wizards and magic are usually a topic I enjoy reading about so I was excited to start this book knowing the author as written other wizard series. It started off strong and I enjoyed the content and story. In the middle of ...

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Superpowers, Prophecy and Sass!

An engaging and entertaining first offering from new authors, Douglas and Angelia Pershing. Told from the first person perspective of 2 siblings, Tanner and Ryland, the story draws the reader in and holds them with its quick pace. While the topics of aliens, superpowers and escape from oppressive overlords are ...

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Ordinaries: Shifters Book II

Action packed sequel

After such a great start with Shifters, I was very excited to read the second book. I'm usually wary of book 2 of any trilogy, but Ordinaries did not disappoint. The authors turned on the action in this one, from start to finish. The pacing of the story was great ...

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Seven Souls

"You won't die tonight"

Seven Souls starts off strong with a child predicting an accident but telling the victim she will not die. All of this quickly comes to pass and then the story slows down as it develops the characters and introduces the setting. I could see some readers not being able to ...

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A demon for each shoulder...

In the little town of Inspiration practically everyone has a demon on their shoulder. Demons in a ghostly form whisper into people's ears, speaking to their darkest thoughts and turning them from God and the angels who protect them. Almost the entire town has been taken by darkness. The last ...

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Falling for Kate

A sweet holiday story that will leave you smiling.

Falling for Kate is a great quick read for this time of year. Well written with very likable characters and great family relationships. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop in Kate and Elliot's relationship and when it did, it felt very organic and real. Curl up with ...

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Mind of the Phoenix

great idea, but fell short of expectations

How to you fight a murderer who gets his victims to cause their own deaths? I was drawn in by the idea of this story... Planting a trigger in a person's mind without them knowing and having it released by a few simple lines of text. What a great start. ...

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It is what it is...

...a quick read that didn't even attempt to deviate from the "quick romance novel" checklist. Main characters with serious baggage, check. Falling in "hopeless, all consuming love" in 48 hours or less, check. Utterly ridiculous plot twists anyone could see coming a mile away, check. The lovers making it out ...

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