An awesome third installment!

There were times I had very strong emotions reading this book, and Ms Joseph did a great job keeping the reader interested. I had to finish it, in fact I spent the good part of a day reading it. This book will bring about some emotion in the reader, but it ends the trilogy with a complete ending that fulfills the need to know what happens and does not leave you hanging.
The saga continues with alternating narrations from Price and Chere. At this point Chere is pretty much existing as Price's slave, both sexually and as a possession.
Her captivity and punishments have elevated to the point of frightening. At a few points I am convinced she will try to leave. He is obsessed, and these thoughts are captured in the writing nicely in Price's chapters. Mistakes are made.
Whereas being a sex slave can seem fun for short amounts of time, having to exist in Price's world quickly becomes too much for either party.
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from One of the best series I have reviewed.