Great Read

I looked forward to the final instalment of the Rough Love series with bated breath. The last 2 had left me anticipating Price and Chere's HEA and how it would unravel in 'Trust Me'.

I had mixed emotions about this last book. I didn't know whether to slap Chere and shout " run for the hills. what are you doing? How could you let him do this to you?" or root for her to stay and love Price. This book encapsulated 'Rough Love' and my heart went out to Chere, as Price dealt her every punishment unimaginable to his salve. She was forewarned about the sort of relationship Price wanted . In Price's words " Well, she was the one who had fallen in love with a sadist. That kind of love came with a price".

Annabel proved yet again why she is one of the best in the BDSM genre with 'Trust Me'. It was not all about great kinky sex and bondage. It was also a journey of discovery and growth for both Chere and Price.
Chere made the choice to submit to be Price's slave both in and out of the dungeon. One would think that she would loose herself to the servitude of Price but Price never let her. I liked how he pushed her to have a sense of self worth and make something of a success of herself outside of their relationship. I loved how despite how she craved Price's dominance she was strong.

Price was price, but more controlling and possessive of Chere. I liked the insights to his formative years and what made him the sadistic and overbearing brute that he was. Yet there was something that made you feel for him.

Overall, this was a great read and a culmination of a very well written and compelling series.