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Mela lives in Rhode Island with her husband, and two cats, one whom is still trying to kill her even after years and one who thinks she's just too damn fancy for everyone else in the house. You'll usually find her living vicariously through her favorite characters, while sitting next to her husband on the sofa. A voracious reader (412 books in 2013!), her debut novel, Like You Read About was started as a NaNoWriMo/40th birthday challenge, her wonderful supportive husband bought her a laptop and told her to go for it. It's been more than 25 years since she'd written any fiction and now she has the bug and is hard at work on her next book.


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  • Different Worlds (Romance (Fiction))
  • Emotional Rebirth (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcycle Gangs (Romance (Fiction))
  • Amnesia (Romance (Fiction))
  • Arranged Marriage (Romance (Fiction))
  • Second Chances (Romance (Fiction))
  • Innocent Bad Girl (Romance (Fiction))
  • Matchmaker (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fish Out Of Water (Romance (Fiction))
  • Office Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Boss (Romance (Fiction))



  • Dystopia (Fiction)
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  • Near Future (Fiction)

My Naughty Minette

Sweet Minette's Happily Ever After?

Once again a gem from Annabel. We've been in love with Minette since she first walked on the page. Sure she is everyone's annoying little sister, but we loved her just the same. For so long she's been mooning after August, The Earl of Augustine. He's handsome, strong, and the ...

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To Tame A Countess

Made me fall back in love with historicals

Although I have not been known to be a huge fan of historicals, I *AM* a huge fan of Annabel Joseph. When I heard she had a new historical spanking series coming out I knew i had to give it a try. She pulled me in with the first book ...

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