Sweet Minette's Happily Ever After?

Once again a gem from Annabel. We've been in love with Minette since she first walked on the page. Sure she is everyone's annoying little sister, but we loved her just the same.

For so long she's been mooning after August, The Earl of Augustine. He's handsome, strong, and the perfect specimen in her mind. To him, she is a noisy little brat. And besides, it all looks as if he's meant to ask someone else to be his bride.

A little sleepwalking, a randy Earl and before you know it August is forced to marry Minette to save her honor. You would think this would be all of Minette's dreams come true, but alas, this marriage is not at all what she thought it would be.

Ms. Joseph does an amazing job weaving their tumultuous and emotional road to their happily every after. It isn't an easy road, we delve deeply into the emotional side of the characters, both of whom surprised me greatly.

An excellent addition to the story and I'm looking forward to more.