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There is nothing better than a guilty free duvet day and a kindle full of unread books - but if that;s not possible then there are always rainy mornings or a sunny afternoons on a recliner chair in the conservatory !

I work part time and I am a mother to a 21 year old so I have plenty of time to read.... my only problem is i cannot put a book down once I start and so I have had some tired mornings at work.


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Torment Me (Rough Love Part One)

Difficult to read but unable to not !

I have never been so torn reading a book - i usually love them or delete them.... but this book ? I wanted to cringe or squirm at the sex scenes but in equal measure I needed to see where the story was going; what decisions she would make; would ...

full review

Delilah's Vampire

Mixed feelings .... SPOILERS

There were parts of this book I loved, but parts I didn't feel connected to. Once I got past chapter three I was hooked. I liked the spin on an old tale and the embellishments of that story which I thought was very clever, especially bringing it in to the ...

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