Difficult to read but unable to not !

I have never been so torn reading a book - i usually love them or delete them.... but this book ? I wanted to cringe or squirm at the sex scenes but in equal measure I needed to see where the story was going; what decisions she would make; would he soften for her ?? Luckily I had a couple of days to read at home otherwise I would have popped a dummy dust jacket on so I could read on the train!!!

The other great thing about this story - even though there are more in the series you can easily stop at book one .. rarely do I close a book with a smile - I usually find that I get annoyed at the ending, either it didnt deliver or I felt the female lead went a bit limp OR I want to read more NOW but either the book is not part of a series or the next one will not be available for months and months and find this so frustrating... but this book left me feeling content and proud of the female lead. Not that I wont be getting the next book in the series, I am off to do that next and luckily book two is available now although I might need to get my chores all done as I know I will not be able to put it down - even if I just know I will wince at some of the sex scenes !!!

This is one author that will be going on my favourites list... her style makes the story flow so smoothly and the descriptive writing really makes you feel that you are in the room with the characters.