a review of Blood Bond: A Vampire Menage Romance by Traceyb

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Intriuging read

I enjoyed this book, I can't say I loved it but I wanted to see the ending.

Roxanna is down on her luck, getting by though. Darren is a vampire that has sensed his match in the future, luckily his alter ego also know as Andrew (who is also his detached soul) has magic and is able to bring him to her, that is back in time!

Roxanna thinks she's in a dream or having a mental moment but soon realises she really is back in a time women were quiet and restrained...... She is lucky that she gets a job at a men's club as a singer, I found it very amusing that she sang racy songs from her time.

Darren is shocked when he visits the club, the woman of his dreams is there - all he now has to do is convince her she is good for him.

Roxanna also has an interest in Phillip her musician, his rather an innocent and that seems to intrigue her and eventually challenge her to get him in bed.

Roxanna is a woman that goes after what she wants.

The story works and the author writes well, there is some added angst, the book has a fun and happy ending.

3.5 vampy stars