So Much Love for Dark Control

I love love love love Annabel Joseph. I love that her books never let me down, and Dark Control is no different. What can I tell you that won't ruin the whole experience?

Is it dark as the title would imply? Possibly. Maybe if you're unfarmiliar with any of Joseph's more hard core BDSM novels. But is it the hardest she's ever written? Nope. This is dark in the perverbial desires Fort has to inflict pain, and how Juliet comes to crave it. Fort is 100% sadist to Juliet's masocist, only it takes them a little time and patience to get there. Along the way, the arrangement they have alters, much to Fort's dismay.

I won't say that where things go is not predictable, because it really is. But that predictable storyline of the Dom not understanding or wanting to have actual feelings for his sub is done beautifully. I love that because Joseph shows Juliet as a force of nature. She's not going to put up with poor treatment so when that does happen, she stands her ground and she's out. She's a strong and wonderfully written woman first, sub second.

Fort, on the other hand is the typical Dom who doesn't want a relationship, only a sub. That's fine... really it is. He's lived this way for a while. I loved him for it. He is very clear and makes sure at all opportunities that he and Juliet are on the same page with regards to their relationship. Poor Alpha Male just doens't know what hits him though, and that was a fun ride to be on. I do however wish the story delved a little bit more into Fort's history and back story. I feel like ther is more to him than we are given.

The BDSM emements in the book are written beautifuly. Clear communication. The issue of consensual non consent is something that's not treated lightly. The amount of trust needed on both sides is clearly laid forth. I love how Joseph does this as well. It's hard core at it's most giving.

Dark Control also introduces some very interesting side characters in the form of Fort's friends. I look forward to the series continuing so I can get to know them better, find out what makes them tick.

Recommended for any Annabel Joseph fan, and anyone looking for a walk on the wild side. I loved this.