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Passion in a cage!!

Wow!!! Michel the Master!!! Wasn't sure this was really my cup of tea, Valentina was a complete woman whore!! She was sexually aggressive and pretty much went through every man in the whole circus!! She certainly wasn't picky but she wanted the Master himself, despite knowing he had dark preferences. Val literally stopped at nothing to get him to notice her!!! She sacrificed her personality, aggression and tries to make herself submissive to attract herself to Michel.
I didn't warm to her at all but I don't think I was meant to. She definitely didn't fit in the usual female heroine mould!!
Michel wasn't a bit loving and for me the constant anal play was too much.
Towards the end I felt his treatment of her at Le Citadel was way past the point of return. His instructions/actions rendered me speechless. I hated him and felt she became very weak to put up with it and not put a stop to what happens
( definitely not for the faint hearted)
She ended up as a bit of a doormat or should I say cage whore?
Despite not liking all of the storyline it was so well written I couldn't stop reading it. Annabel nailed it again.