Foolish for judging a book by the cover!

I was approved to read this Novella from Novel Readers by the author.

I will admit that when I requested the title, I was completely judging the book by its cover and I didn't read the synopsis before I started. I believe this has a lot to do with my lower rating.

The main character Delia is a hunter of Vampires and is hunting a top tier vampire known as Claudia at a Masquerade Ball that it is rumoured said vampire is supposed to be attending.
If I knew that the story was going to be set up like this I probably wouldn't have read it because I am not all that into vampires.

When I first started reading the book I had assumed that the author was quite young because the premise seemed to be for a more younger audience, this obviously wasn't true because when it gets to the sex scene it is hot, hot, hot! The story was a bit predictable; I called what was going to happen and who The Fool was long before it was revealed.

I really enjoyed the vamp sex and the idea of the connection between the two after being bit. I think I may even want to read the next installment just to see how it turns out between them.

The main problem I had with this Novella was the whole "invitation" process... I really do not think that someone would be able to get into an elite party (especially where half of the guests are at a high risk of being staked) would let someone in who just had a shitty print out of the invitation, in. I really do think that should have been better thought out.

Thank you so much Liz Meldon for letting me read an advanced copy of your novella. Keep up the good work my fellow Canadian. Not bad!