Douglas Pershing was born and raised in Oregon. Having spent his early childhood in Seaside and later splitting his high school years between Hillsboro, Portland, and finally finishing up in Eugene--needless to say--he has seen a lot of Oregon. Ironically, growing up, he was never much of a reader. After taking some creative writing classes in college he discovered that he had stories to tell--Who knew?

Having spent his career in the tech industry he found himself moving his wife, Tamy, his daughter, Angelia, and his son, Cory to Texas. After nine years in the Dallas area (DeSoto and Celina), his family made many lifelong friends--Go Bobcats! Douglas spends his time enjoying the scenery, taking long walks with his wife, playing as many instruments as he can get his hands on, and writing.

Douglas enjoys movies, reading, painting, and playing guitar when he is not writing. What he does not enjoy are scorpions and stepping in water with clean socks.