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I'm from West Texas and have lived in places like NM, SC, GA & ND. I worked at the Divide County Public Library in Crosby, ND from 2006 to 2010 and I loved it and miss working there but my heart was calling me back home to West Texas!!

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The Edge of Nowhere

The Edge Of Nowhere by C.H. Armstrong

The Edge Of Nowhere is the story of Victoria and how she was able to survive during the dust bowl days in Oklahoma. When Victoria's mother died shortly after giving birth to a still-born, it makes Victoria not wanting to received love from anyone until a man named Will comes ...

full review

Ditch Flowers

Fantastic Book

I received this book through Novel Reviewer.com in exchange for a honest review. Ditch Flowers is about a woman named Julia and her husband, Greg and their struggle to keep a pregnancy. The book starts out with them losing their first baby and all the heartache that comes with that, ...

full review