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I am 31 and married. I have 5 cats that are my kids. I love reading and getting lost in the character's worlds. I belong to many street teams.


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Satyr from the Shadows

I need more!!!!!

Some secrets have been revealed....I slightly feel bad for Dionysus but only slightly. Apollo has no excuse to act like a spoiled brat and be an obsessive psycho. If I didn't know better I swear Apollo is the baby of the family, Hermes is the oldest, and Dionysus is the ...

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Under the Satyr Moon

This is a Riot!

SCORE ONE FOR THE SATYRS!!! Take that Dionysus you prick! Bwahahaha!! I haven't laughed so much in awhile. Ariston and Lily are great then you add Pan, Hermes, Zeus, and Pegasus into the mix and it's a riot! There are some serious parts, but those are out weighed by the ...

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Wicked Satyr Nights

Satyrs are hot hot hot!

Pan got screwed! It's not like he did that to Dionysus on purpose! He didn't know that Syrinx was the promised one. Dionysus is a douche bag and got what he deserved. Leave it a Greek God to be so childish. Even if she was a pawn in Dion's selfish ...

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Master's Flame

It's #2 on my naughty book list

Holy hell that was intense!!! Wow just wow! I love this book! Michel was so in depth unlike other Doms I have read about and Valentina is a....well I can't put it into words. Their no emotions, but everything the Master wants goes relationship was something else. Michel is so ...

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Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

Bodyguards are extremely sexy!!

Who knew chess could be so sexy? Grace is amazing, but Sam makes her more amazing. She makes him stronger and less cut and dry. Professionalism went out the window when they first saw each other, it just took them a few days of being around each other to realize ...

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Wicked Waves

I have added this book on my reread list.

This book was amazing! Each character is unique and interesting. I was hooked after the second page. I love Kai and Brooke! Both are stubborn, strong willed, feisty and completely head over heels for each other. Their banter was funny! Kai was a jerk to her because he liked her. ...

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