Double the Fantasy

Author: Eva Lefoy

ISBN: 9781310874185

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Ted’s quiet Monday night at the movies turns erotic when he’s seduced by a lesbian couple who make his ultimate fantasy of having two women at once come true. When they call him a few weeks later, he’s stunned to find out the women staged the entire event and one of them is pregnant. But that’s not all. Their gorgeous female friend is offering him special compensation for his services, if he’s willing to pay her price.

Only when he discovers Charleen harbors a secret fantasy even hotter than two women together is he ready to drop his guard and provide for her every kinky need even if it will cost him his heart. Then at his wedding reception, the women drop another bombshell, and give Ted one more night of double fantasy he’ll never forget.


Holy fuck. In the dim light, I see the straps of her dress slip off her shoulders and since it’s a low V-neck number and I see no bra straps, I suspect her breasts are now exposed. She might be touching them, fondling them as she watches the movie. She might even have one hand lower, stroking her clit. So turned on by the idea and, made brazen by the dim lighting, I slowly and quietly unzip my pants.

Within seconds, my cock slips out of confinement. There’s plenty of moisture seeping from the tip to ease my stroking, so I lean back in the seat to take my time. I don’t dare look behind me to see if the woman up there can view my indiscretions. I’d rather not be doing this in public, but I’m driven by primal need. About the time I settle into the lesbian flic and find a nice slow rhythm, the woman in front of me stands and turns around.

She’s totally naked, not even wearing underwear. Definitely no bra.

Holy fucking hotness.

My breath stutters as she sashays up the aisle to stand by my chair, looking down at my crotch where my hand is covering my crank. She licks her lips and flashes a wide smile that makes my insides flutter. “May I have a taste?”

Stunned, I look up at her, my mouth open but no words coming out.

She takes the initiative and kneels before me, her slim form nestling between my thighs. With her delicate hand she brushes mine aside. Her light head moves down until her mouth touches my cock, then she licks my weeping slit. “Mmm.”

I’m so ready to have this and yet so reeling from shock I can’t even form a coherent thought. Amazed, I watch her fingers stroke my length and her lips form a teasingly hot O. Then she warps them around the swollen bulb, and lavishes it with attention using her tongue. The moist, soft heat of her mouth hits me at the same time the movie moans get louder. I glance up to see the blonde finger-fucking the Asian woman’s wet pussy. My balls cinch tight. It won’t take much more of a scene like that to make them blow.

Mystery woman sucks hard on my cockhead, glancing at me from under her lashes to gauge my reaction. Her eyes are full of mischief and desire. A heady combination for any man, more so for me. When was the last time I even had a blow job? Hell, I’d pretty much existed in a state of desperation for the last several years. The blonde swallows, sucking me toward the back of her throat, and moans.

I grip the chair arms, my hips surging up into her sensuous mouth on automatic pilot. It feels so good the base of my cock is tingling and my balls are tight as stone. My attention wavers between the sounds coming from the movie screen and the blonde’s hollowed cheeks as she slides up and down my shaft. I’m seconds from shooting when she stops and I let out a long distressed groan. Was this all some kind of elaborate tease? I knew it was too good to be true.

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Publisher Notes

This is a story from Ted's point of view. It features a lesbian couple who desperately wants to get pregnant and two straight women who make a very sexy film. Ted, of course, knows nothing about this!

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