Love the really hurts!

Holy hurts - you need to be prepared because Milo likes to make it hurt, bad. No amateurs need apply, only those with deep masochist needs should approach this uber-sadist. Or, someone he has known from childhood who is innocent to kink

Milo is six years older than Alice, and he has loved her from afar. He is sure he can't act on his feelings because how could he ever hurt her, her loves her! Milo learns not everything always needs to stay the same, and you can get what you want, and what you want can change too. He still wants to be a sadist, so that doesn't change, but his perception and guilt over being one to Alice, that definitely needs to be updated

Alice has loved Milo forever , and once they are alone together, she can't help but tell him. It isn't until she stumbles across his secrets she understands why he continually rejects her. And even after she thinks she makes progress, set backs again and again. She learns she loves belonging to Milo, being his, bringing him pleasure brings her peace. She finally ends up with everything she has ever wanted, but didn't know was out there, with Milo

Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for those who like things real and dark, Milo and Alice find what they need in each other, once they realize they can have what they want in each other. BDSM sadist and masochist perfection!