A deep sado-maso connection

When a book begins with a pilot in Italy trying to decide whether to go for a drink or BDSM , I know I've got the right book! Devon and Ella fell with for each other at first words, yet neither figured that out until much, much, much, later

Devon is a sadistic playboy pilot, with a new submissive to play with each time he goes to the Gallery. The Gallery is an exclusive BDSM club in Manhattan where only men Dominants are allowed, and the submissive women are available to all. Anything goes there, and it usually does, and only those hardcore into the lifestyle go there, and only if a sponsor brings you. Devin has a list of beautiful blondes for the Gallery, in fact to most clubs around the world, to satisfy his needs. He hasn't been to Pisa in a while, and he decides to go solo to the club here

The story really begins when Devin sees a beautiful blonde at the club. What is happening to her is consensual and monitored, and he can't stay away. She is also as deeply affected, we find out, and this is the start of self-denial for them both. As much as these two will gladly give into their sadistic and masochist needs, and recognize how perfectly their needs align, emotional connections terrify them

Ella is world renown scientist, smart, and sexy, and one of the few women in her field. She keeps herself completely cerebral to avoid emotional entanglements. She has seen what love has done when lost, and her scientific mind gives her reason to avoid feelings

The story is hot, it is sexy, and it seems to be exactly as Devin and Ella's relationship, some emotions that are quickly tapped down. We alternate between their points of view in the story, which adds to the wonder of what the person off-screen is thinking. This isn't a sunshine and flowers courtship, it is butt plugs and whips. Both Devin and Ella want to stick to the rules they agreed to at the beginning, but like everything else with these two, things are out of their control and moving fast without regard for what they want

If you crave that darkness, that deep sado-maso connection between two characters, and them dealing with their emotions the only way they know how, ignore and deflect, then you'll love this book as much as I did!