Cat and Mouse with a Sadist and a Masochist

I forgot how utterly amazing Annabel's books are! She has upped the game in this story, and has taken all that is so appealing about her writing, and evolved her imagination into the stratosphere. Seriously, if you like mature adults, confused adults, creative adults, determined adults, or serious adults, there is something here for you.

Dark Control is the story of Fort and Juliet, and their developing relationship in the BDSM world. Juliet thinks she is experienced in the BDSM world, but she is nowhere near into it at the depth of Fort and his friends. Fort knows she isn't at his depth, but he is so drawn to her, and as much as he tries to stay away, and warn her away, he can't leave her

Fort is sure he knows what he wants and needs in his life. He sticks with this throughout his dealings with Juliet, and it confuses him. He is confused because she isn't following the rules he set out, but then again, neither does he. Juliet tries to follow his lead, but he is all other the place, confusing her. She follows her own way, while trying to keep him thinking she is doing things his way

Of course this all implodes, causing angst and issues for them both. I cried, she cried, he yelled, I cried, the artist cried, the cat cried (trust me, you'll understand), I cried, and then I cried happy tears when the impossible seemed to finally come together.

This is the story of sadists and their masochists, and while toned down a bit, it isn't the romanticized version, this is real, so be prepared. Once you have that in mind, you will get lost in the beauty of the story and the characters