a review of Taunt Me (Rough Love Part Two) by Nikkibunny47

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More W and Chere!!

Book 2 started off with a very different Chere. Two and a half yrs have passed and Chere is at uni, has here own place and is no longer an escort. Physically she hasn't seen or heard from W at all since their last none meeting.
I really enjoyed the opening of book two. It's a complete change of pace. Chere is now a brunette, she has completely changed her appearance yet she is still in turmoil after the way W has but all ties with her.
She belongs to a BDSM club to try and take away the ache he has left. Despite his depravity and terrible treatment of her she craves his touch and strange love/power over her. Chere is lonely until she meets and befriends a fellow student. He believes her professor is in love with her and unbeknown to Chere W is aware of all of this!!!
Here's where I found it somewhat unrealistic!! W was supposedly living across the street from her for over 2 years and yet they never crossed paths.
What ensues is W aka Price walking straight back into her life!
I did feel Chere needs more backbone but I still enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the next book!!