a review of Torment Me (Rough Love Part One) by Cyanne

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Reviewing Torment Me (Rough Love Part One)

I’ve finished reading through the first chapter and my first thoughts were, if she is a ‘high-class call girl, why has she never experienced nipple clamps? How long has she been doing this job, I wonder..

OH MY GOODNESS…. W is a $@#&* !!! He did that to the poor girl? I would have killed him!!!

Ok… I’ve calmed down some, and by the end of the book, I really like W.. haha…

There were some sexy / steamy scenes, but they were average. Still enjoyable though, but missing that ompfff .....

The storyline was good, I haven’t come across anything similar before, so this was refreshing.

The book was written in the females point of view.