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I am a 32 yo Medic's wife, mother to 3, grandmother to 1. Being a medic's wife, I have plenty of time to read, and have just started my own blog about books.


  • Werewolves & Shifters (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Alpha Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Master / Slave (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Multiple Partners (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Witches & Wizards (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Demons & Devils (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Vampires (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Erotica (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal (Romance (Fiction))
  • Action & Adventure (Fiction)
  • Animal Fiction (Fiction)
  • Alpha Male (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Beast & Monster Sex (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • BDSM (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Biographies & Memoirs (Non-Fiction)
  • Archeology (Non-Fiction)
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Military (Romance (Fiction))
  • Historical (Romance (Fiction))
  • Serial / Series (Romance (Fiction))
  • Crime & Legal (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction))
  • Romance (Fiction)
  • Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction)
  • Horror (Fiction)
  • Fantasy (Fiction)


  • Different Worlds (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcycle Gangs (Romance (Fiction))
  • Medievalism (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Dark Lord (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Sheikh (Romance (Fiction))
  • Shapeshifting & Changing (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Tycoon (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal Happenings (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Instant Attraction & Imprinting (Romance (Fiction))
  • Occult (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Love Triangle (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kidnapping (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Boss (Romance (Fiction))
  • Millionaire Playboy (Romance (Fiction))


  • Pirates (Romance (Fiction))
  • Monsters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Mutants (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kinky Architects (Romance (Fiction))
  • Military Men (Romance (Fiction))
  • Playboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Police Officers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aristocrats (Romance (Fiction))
  • Assassins (Romance (Fiction))
  • Ghosts (Fiction)
  • Gods & Goddesses (Fiction)
  • Rock Stars (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bosses (Romance (Fiction))
  • Businessmen (Romance (Fiction))
  • Devils & Demons (Fiction)
  • Detectives (Fiction)
  • Bodyguard (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal Heroes & Villains (Action & Adventure (Fiction))
  • Elves & Fae (Fiction)
  • Werewolves (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dragons (Fiction)
  • Attorneys / Lawyers (Fiction)
  • Demons & Devils (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fighters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Werewolves & Shapeshifters (Fiction)
  • Highlanders (Romance (Fiction))
  • Mutants (Fiction)
  • Monsters (Fiction)
  • Wizards (Fiction)
  • Pirates (Fiction)
  • Bad Boys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sexual Criminals (Crime & Legal (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction)))
  • Warlocks (Romance (Fiction))
  • Vikings (Romance (Fiction))
  • Vampires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Tycoons / Moguls (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sheiks (Romance (Fiction))
  • Shapeshifters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Royalty (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcyclists (Romance (Fiction))
  • Billionaires (Romance (Fiction))


  • Modern World (Fiction)
  • Boarding School (Romance (Fiction))
  • Medieval World (Fiction)
  • Ancient World (Fiction)
  • Billionaire Lifestyle (Romance (Fiction))
  • Ancient World (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dungeons & Prisons (Romance (Fiction))
  • Castles & Courts (Romance (Fiction))

Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

Never thought Chess could be so exciting

When I got this book, I knew it was about bodyguards, but with a name like Pawn and knowing what Annabel Joseph normally writes, this was not what I expected. True to her other books, it was great, though. I enjoyed seeing how in-depth the chess world is. We always ...

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Training Lady Townsend

Good story, I just didn't "get" it

I didn't hate this book, but it wasn't a page turner for me. Part of that is just because spanking by itself isn't really a thing for me. I loved watching the evolution of their relationship, but at the same time, I just couldn't identify with it. It is a ...

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Taunt Me (Rough Love Part Two)

The sequel is just as good as the original

This is the second book in the Rough Love series. I became embroiled in the story of "W" and Chere from Book One, Page One. Chere is an escort, has managed to escape her addict boyfriend, and is now going back to school for design. W turns her inside out. ...

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Torment Me (Rough Love Part One)

Couldn't put it down

Wow, I think I read this in about 3 hours. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. This book was really, really good. Although, if you trigger really easy, or are a Sexual Abuse survivor, this is probably not the story for you. There are parts ...

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