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I love to read and review romance novels. I want to make sure people know what I liked about the stories, how they touched me, and my feelings while I read the book. Light or dark, deep or fluffy, drawn out or instant, getting to know the characters and going along with them to the happily ever after, or the occasional, happy for now, is a journey I gladly take again and again


  • Fantasy (Fiction)
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  • One Night Stand (Romance (Fiction))
  • Office Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Millionaire Playboy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kidnapping (Romance (Fiction))
  • Instant Attraction & Imprinting (Romance (Fiction))
  • Friends to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Friendly Enemy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Boss (Romance (Fiction))
  • Enemies to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Employee Blackmail (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Apocalyptic Themes (Science Fiction (Fiction))
  • Secret Baby (Romance (Fiction))
  • Arranged Marriage (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sheikh (Romance (Fiction))
  • Accidental Pregnancy (Romance (Fiction))


  • Bodyguard (Romance (Fiction))
  • Military Men (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kinky Architects (Romance (Fiction))
  • Hockey Players (Romance (Fiction))
  • Demons & Devils (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Businessmen (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bosses (Romance (Fiction))
  • Billionaires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Baseball Players (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bad Boys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aristocrats (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aliens (Romance (Fiction))
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Dangerous Control

Love the really hurts!

Holy hurts - you need to be prepared because Milo likes to make it hurt, bad. No amateurs need apply, only those with deep masochist needs should approach this uber-sadist. Or, someone he has known from childhood who is innocent to kink Milo is six years older than Alice, and ...

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Deep Control

A deep sado-maso connection

When a book begins with a pilot in Italy trying to decide whether to go for a drink or BDSM , I know I've got the right book! Devon and Ella fell with for each other at first words, yet neither figured that out until much, much, much, later Devon ...

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Dark Control

Cat and Mouse with a Sadist and a Masochist

I forgot how utterly amazing Annabel's books are! She has upped the game in this story, and has taken all that is so appealing about her writing, and evolved her imagination into the stratosphere. Seriously, if you like mature adults, confused adults, creative adults, determined adults, or serious adults, there ...

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