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I am an avid book lover, who loves to be taken out of the real world


  • Submissive Female (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Spanking (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Master / Slave (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • M / F (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Historical (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Dominant Male (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Domestic Discipline (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • BDSM (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Anal (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Alpha Male (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Aliens (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Werewolves & Shifters (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Vampires (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Virginal Heroines (Romance (Fiction))
  • Submissive Female (Romance (Fiction))
  • Spanking (Romance (Fiction))
  • Oral (Romance (Fiction))
  • Master / Slave (Romance (Fiction))
  • M / F (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kidnapping (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dubious Consent (DubCon) (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dominant Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Domestic Discipline (Romance (Fiction))
  • BDSM (Romance (Fiction))
  • Anal (Romance (Fiction))
  • Alpha Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aliens (Romance (Fiction))
  • Westerns (Romance (Fiction))
  • Romance (Fiction)
  • Suspense (Romance (Fiction))
  • Romantic Comedy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal (Romance (Fiction))
  • Mystery (Romance (Fiction))
  • Historical (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fantasy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Erotica (Romance (Fiction))
  • Contemporary (Romance (Fiction))
  • Collections & Anthologies (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fiction


  • Second Chances (Romance (Fiction))
  • Royals (Romance (Fiction))
  • Revenge (Romance (Fiction))
  • Office Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Brothers Best Friend (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kidnapping (Romance (Fiction))
  • Small Town Hero (Romance (Fiction))
  • Friends to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Boss (Romance (Fiction))
  • Enemies to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Employee Blackmail (Romance (Fiction))
  • Different Worlds (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sweet Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Arranged Marriage (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sheikh (Romance (Fiction))


  • Werewolves (Romance (Fiction))
  • Vikings (Romance (Fiction))
  • Vampires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Spies (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sheiks (Romance (Fiction))
  • Shapeshifters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Royalty (Romance (Fiction))
  • Police Officers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Playboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Pirates (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kinky Architects (Romance (Fiction))
  • Knights (Romance (Fiction))
  • Doctors (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Businessmen (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bosses (Romance (Fiction))
  • Billionaires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bad Boys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Assassins (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aristocrats (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aliens (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aliens (Fiction)


  • Medieval World (Fiction)
  • Modern World (Fiction)
  • Space & New Worlds (Fiction)
  • Castles & Courts (Romance (Fiction))
  • Rural (Romance (Fiction))
  • Medieval World (Romance (Fiction))

Dark Control

Oh so deliciously hot with a side of pain

Anytime I read a new Annabel Joseph book, I always wonder, and get excited, about the characters we're going to meet and fall in love with. Fort and Juliet's story does not disappoint. Fort has moments when he is almost too intense for me but oh my goodness are the ...

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