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They say children are wonderful and fawn over you while your pregnancy is ongoing. What they don't tell you is the roller coaster ride you just boarded. I moved across the United States with promise of being surrounded by family and support. It was during my pregnancy when it seemed they vanished for all but birthdays and an occasional holiday. Raising a child while a husband works long factory hours is no picnic especially when you feel isolated from family that promised to be there. I started this account in 2015 thinking I could turn to books as my oasis. Unfortunately what I didn't realize was my bumpy ride was far from over. I spent weeks at a time in a hospital with my daughter as she went through health issue after health issue. Finally it seems we're past the harsh waves and sailing smooth on the ocean just as my beautiful little girl has turned 3. Her health is going great now and I'm ready to get back to my hobbies and passions. I'm finally able to take the time to read and review again! So look out world it's time to settle down under the warmth of words with a nice cup of cocoa and dive into worlds created by pure imagination.


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Under the Satyr Moon

Everyone wants something!

I received "Under the Satyr Moon" by Rebekah Lewis originally as an advance review copy from Novel Reviewers however, I loved this novel so much I bought it anyways in the Volume One Collection. Once again Rebekah has taken her readers on an adventure with gods, satyrs and nymphs in ...

full review


All Claws for Wolfen!

I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I could not put this book down! To be honest I read it twice. This post apocalyptic world that Alianne Donnelly has created, and the game of survival leaves the reader placing themselves right next to ...

full review

The Royal Wizard

"When we kissed time stopped"

I received a review copy of “The Royal Wizard” in exchange for an honest review. Some call it fate, others call it destiny, I call it an epic story from start to finish. We begin with young children not yet groomed for their future still stumbling as they move to ...

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Wicked Satyr Nights

Wickedly Delightful!

I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved Rebekah Lewis's use of Greek mythology in this contemporary setting, you can really tell she knows her lore. This book starts out from our lead character Katerina's point of view. We get a little ...

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