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I'm a mom and book nerd. My life consists of my daughter and all night reading. Lol


  • Werewolves & Shifters (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • New Adult (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • M / M (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Anal (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dominant Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Gay (LGBT (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Bisexual (LGBT (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Alpha Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Angels (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Demons & Devils (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Older Man / Younger Woman (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Alpha Male (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Non-Fiction)
  • Teen & Young Adult (Fiction)
  • Sports (Romance (Fiction))
  • Erotica (Romance (Fiction))
  • Clean Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Submissive Male (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Submissive Female (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Spanking (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Oral (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Older Woman / Younger Man (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Oral (Romance (Fiction))
  • Comics & Graphic Novels (Fiction)
  • Older Man / Younger Woman (Romance (Fiction))
  • M / M (Romance (Fiction))
  • M / F (Romance (Fiction))
  • Submissive Female (Romance (Fiction))
  • Spanking (Romance (Fiction))
  • Anal (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Sweet (Romance (Fiction))
  • Romantic Comedy (Romance (Fiction))
  • BDSM (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • New Adult (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dominant Male (Erotica (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Short Stories (Fiction)
  • Vampires (Paranormal (Romance (Fiction)))
  • Paranormal (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Juicing & Smoothies (Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Non-Fiction))
  • Holidays (Romance (Fiction))
  • Beginner Cookbooks (Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Non-Fiction))
  • Cookbooks (Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Non-Fiction))
  • LGBT (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fantasy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Submissive Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Virginal Heroines (Romance (Fiction))
  • Romance (Fiction)
  • Baking (Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Non-Fiction))
  • LGBT (Short Stories (Fiction))
  • Romance & Erotica (Comics & Graphic Novels (Fiction))
  • Fantasy (Fiction)


  • Stepbrother (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Baby on the Doorstep (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcycle Gangs (Romance (Fiction))
  • Accidental Pregnancy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Shapeshifting & Changing (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Small Town Hero (Romance (Fiction))
  • Sweet Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Brothers Best Friend (Romance (Fiction))
  • Second Chances (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal Happenings (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Secret Baby (Romance (Fiction))
  • Friends to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Love Triangle (Romance (Fiction))
  • Ugly Duckling (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Boss (Romance (Fiction))
  • Millionaire Playboy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Enemies to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))


  • Kinky Architects (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bodyguard (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bad Boys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Wealthy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Werewolves (Romance (Fiction))
  • Vampires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Spies (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcyclists (Romance (Fiction))
  • Shapeshifters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Actors (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fighters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Billionaires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Artists (Romance (Fiction))
  • Police Officers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Playboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Rock Stars (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bosses (Romance (Fiction))
  • Businessmen (Romance (Fiction))


  • College (Romance (Fiction))
  • Near Future (Romance (Fiction))
  • Modern World (Romance (Fiction))
  • High Fantasy (Fiction)
  • Low Fantasy (Fiction)
  • College (Fiction)
  • Rural (Fiction)


Nick of time

Holly has a dry spell since her divorce and has decided it's time to add a little bit of moisture to her life *wink wink* No, really she's ready to settle down. She's ready for a family. Nick, the much younger friend, has it bad for Holly but because of ...

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Clearer in the Night


So... It took me a while to get into this book. It started off really slow for me and gradually turned into a little more fast paced. This story is about a girl named Cait who can read people's thoughts. But hold the phone.... She's also a werewolf. She's in ...

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