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Would Recommend

Jarrod, a hitman with a heart or at least a strict moral code, meets Sorcha, a woman whose very visible scars show she survived the unthinkable, when she picks him up on the side of the road. The plan is to take him to a landline phone so he can ...

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Ink Deep

Not Your Classic Beauty and the Beast

In this lovely retelling of a classic fairy tale, Briony Carmichael is as sweet as Belle but her beauty is marred by scars born from a childhood tragedy. Meanwhile, Corbin Franklin is definitely a beauty with the personality of a beast. The two meet when a friend of Briony tells ...

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Training Lady Townsend

Looking Forward to Reading the Rest of the Series

Though the beginning was slightly discomforting, overall it was lovely watching Hunter and Aurelia fall in love and evolve as characters over the course of the story. It was well written, perfectly paced and had excellent character development. I look forward to reading the rest of the series

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