Under A Duke's Hand

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Clear your schedule, this is one of those books that is hard to put down

review by DianeScraps

This book is the Fourth in the Properly Spanked Series, but the first one that I have read. I state this because it is important to me that this book stands completely on it's own without having to have read the first three. (Though I am now very curious about ...

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A must read!

review by missalicia2013

This tale is quite interesting. It has many layers. An innocent country girl from Wales who becomes a Duchess thanks to an arrangement through the crown. She must make her way in society and in London, while trying to keep her husband happy. Her husband likes to do kinky games ...

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Steamy and Wicked

review by jilliej26

Wow! Steamy, hot and a historical Fifty Shades of Grey! I have not read the first books in this series but now I will have to read them. I loved all the characters but sometimes I thought the Duke needed some discipline himself. It is wicked with steamy hot love ...

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This was a bittersweet read for me. Under A Duke's Hand was my favorite in the Properly Spanked series but it was also the last. For now......

review by paigeturner1000

I loved being transported into the past for a few hours while I read the story between Aiden and Guinevere. These are two headstrong and stubborn characters who are brought together by duty and circumstance. I loved their carefree first meeting. There were no preconceptions or ideas. Just two young ...

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