Ink Deep

Author: Renee Lovins

ISBN: 978-0-9905182-0-4

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Most of Briony Carmichael's body was tragically burned as a child. Deeply hurt by the reactions of those closest to her, Briony believes her scars render her unlovable. She hides in her apartment, secluding herself from the outside world.

Tattoo artist Corbin Franklin has everything - including a brain tumor that will kill him. Determined to not let his art die with him, he seeks someone to become his living legacy, a walking canvas for his art.

Drawn in by the idea of having her scars covered with beauty, Briony enters Corbin's studio and changes both their lives. However, when concerned loved ones interfere in their blossoming romance, the resulting chaos could cost them everything.

Author's Note: In this reimagined version of Beauty and the Beast, readers should expect a happy ending that doesn't follow a HEA as expected in a traditional romance."

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  • Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction (Fiction)
  • Romance (Fiction)
  • Women's Fiction (Contemporary Fiction (Fiction))


  • Ugly Duckling (Romance (Fiction))



  • Modern World (Fiction)

Publisher Notes

Looking for reviewers who are willing to post reviews on at least one (preferably two or more) of the following: Goodreads, Amazon, a book blog or another retail site.

Written during NaNoWriMo 2013, I'm happy with the unexpected twists to to the standard tropes of beauty and the beast. I also really enjoyed looking at what it means to love someone and how that changes what your eyes see.

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