Author: Renee Lovins

Publisher: Bad Ash Publishing

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Hitman, Inc. – when killing people is your job, finding the right person can be difficult. Finding someone who not only supports your choice, but is reloading your weapon for you? That takes a miracle.

Scarred from an attack, Sorcha doesn’t expect any rescue. But when she goes against her better judgement to give a stranger a ride, she might have found the answer to her prayers.

Jarrod is used to being alone, but when Sorcha enters his life, he realizes that maybe his life was missing something after all.


Jarrod never expects to need rescuing on a remote mountain road, much less by someone like Sorcha. Draw in by the woman who looks like a slasher movie survivor, he never expects to rescue her, and find something more in the process.

Sorcha is a survivor, but her enemies are many, and her friends few. When Jarrod tumbles into her life, she doesn't expect anything. But events sweep them both away and she might find the one person who can see past her face.

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  • Fiction
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  • Modern World (Fiction)

Publisher Notes

This is a novella and is the 1st in the Hitman, Inc. Romance series.