War Torn Love (A Novella)

Author: Donjaline Hope

Publisher: Self Published


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Sergeant Darren Shaw was in and out of a dysfunctional relationship. All he wants is to find someone to spend his life with. Someone unlike anyone he's ever met. He's looking for the one to change his life. In enters Specialist Lisa Saddler who is young and confident. Her passion for life invites him in. Maybe she is someone he could finally put his trust in.

Attraction is instant between them, exactly what the other is looking for. Sparks begin to fly almost immediately. With a whirlwind of ups and downs will their relationship survive? When they get deployed their relationship is strained even further. Will they burn bright and break, or will their bond grow even stronger?


Guy and girl meet on a military post. The timing is all wrong for them to start a relationship. When they finally get together, they are deploying out. Through many twists and turns their relationship will either grow stronger or break apart. Watch their growth as a couple to see what the outcome will be for them.


Chapter 9: Every Chance We Get
Finally! It was finally time. I hadn’t seen Shaw in over three months. He was sneaking in as dusk was settling in and most of the camp was asleep or comfortably tucked away in their bunks. What if his feelings had changed? What if I wasn't what he wanted anymore? Was he just coming to tell me it was over? Doubts swam through my head as I watched him slide from the Humvee. The desert was hard to maneuver during the day much less during sunset. That had to say something; didn't it? That he had crossed the desert just to come see me? It wasn’t quite that he had come just to see me alone. He was after all dropping off and picking up different troops.

His lips slightly parted as he bee-lined straight towards me. Was it possible that he looked even sexier now than he had the last time I’d seen him. What did he want to tell me? He had mentioned that he needed to see me. The urgency in his voice had my lower parts doing cartwheels, while my heart raced with worry.

"Let's walk," was all he said. It was all that was needed. The huskiness in his voice left no room for interpretation as to what he was here for. Anyone watching would have hopefully seen two soldiers going off to perform a routine task, nothing more. At least that was the expectation. At the moment, I didn't care if it looked like more. My heart raced as heat filled my every cell. Where were we going? As far as I knew, he had never been to this camp, and yet he was walking as if he knew exactly where he was.

Darkness had covered the sand like a blanket of shadows. Creeping between the M1 Abram tanks, I could feel the blood pounding in my veins. Every fiber of my body vibrated in anticipation of what was to come. The quick touches and accidental bumps as we walked weren't the same as physical contact and all I wanted to do was jump on top of him. The only sound filling the air was the crunch of our footsteps as we weaved further into the mass of parked vehicles. No one would be taking them out this late at night. No one should be around to see or hear us. Darkness gathered around us like a curtain, concealing us from prying eyes.

His lips crashed down on mine and all thoughts of other people vanished. Fingers frantically roamed over bodies that wanted nothing more than to press into each other. When his fingers had finally found their way through the layers of my BDUs, they slid through my folds eased by months of anticipation. Why had they kept him away for so long? I couldn't have stopped the groan that escaped my lips if I tried. It echoed through the deserted vehicle yard.

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Publisher Notes

This is my first romance erotica, I'm interested to see how it holds up against other stories of its type.

Marketing Plan

Amazon reviews or blog reviews would be awesome! I'm flexible and semi new at this, so anything will help. I do have a website if they want to use: donjalinehope.weebly.com which houses my blog and other titles.

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