The Jacq of Spades

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A PI with a lot of street smarts

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It felt like I first missed another book since a lot was going on. But as I read everything was easy to follow and we'll written. A world that is divided by mob families, all woman are trained to fight with wits, their household grandness, and how to entertain. Enjoyed ...

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Review of The Jacq of Spades

review by Carolinasongbird

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review through The neo-Victorian city of Bridges has been split between four different crime families into an uneasy cease fire, that could erupt at any moment. And as its infrastructure begins to fail, ...

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Dark and captivating mystery

review by marena.youngs

The perfect book if you love a good mystery, but hate predictability. This one kept me guessing. Jacqueline is a very strong lead character. Raised in the wrong part of town and brought up in the world by a cruel man, she walks in both worlds. Tony's true nature surprised ...

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Jacq of spades

review by Joannchimi

THE JACQ OF SPADES It was a pretty interesting book. I had a bit of trouble getting through the first 30% of the story, like I said it was a very interesting book but iwas just not into it. The main character Jacqueline was a very a strong character. Where ...

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